The truth behind a successful cleanse

This wasn’t my first cleansing experience. I have done the Master Cleanse (don’t do that) Isagenix (9 days) and Blue Print (3 days) before and honestly didn’t see too many results. Yet, when I saw a Groupon for Peeled - a local Chicago juice shop, I jumped at the chance to try again.  It is the same idea as BP, 6 drinks a day for 3 days.

While you can lose weight on cleanses, that was not my goal.  As I said in my first cleansing post,  I believe it is good for your body to flush out the toxins occasionally and give your body and digestive system a break.  This time, I never felt like I was starving or nauseous. Well that’s actually a lie. The last drink of the day, the cashew milk, made me gag and want to vomit. I know I’m in the minority on this, as most people claim it tastes like a milkshake, but I call bullshit on that. That drink is dis-gust-ing! So gross! I didn’t even attempt to force it down. All three went straight to the trash.

Seeing all 18 bottles lined up in the fridge on Sunday (Day 1) was a bit daunting. My sister told me that 3 days is a long time and if I didn’t want to do it, she would help me out and drink the last day of juices. So right off the bat, I had an out if I didn’t want to finish. FYI- Not a good mental thought to have before you even start. But I’m not a quitter and come Sunday night, I knew that quitting was not an option for me.

The thing about cleansing is it is less about the lack of food and more about self-control.  

Mind over matter. Don’t let yourself focus on what you cannot have. Whenever someone says to you, don’t look! of course you are going to immediately look. So when you are on a cleanse, look away. If you tell yourself you can do it and don’t focus on the food, a three-day cleanse is easy. It is all about the self-control.

After day one, I thought, “Oye, I still have two more days left” but I reminded myself that I paid for this and that I could do it. Money is also a great motivator.

On day three, I had enough energy that I worked out and even went grocery shopping at Whole Foods. I knew I needed raw foods, guac and other stuff that I could eat on the recovery day, so I powered through it. You would think being surrounded by food, I would be tempted to cheat but no, I wasn’t. Again, it was self-control.  I knew if I didn’t go to the store, I likely would have gone to lunch with coworkers on Wednesday and I really didn’t want to ruin all my hard work. Over the three days, I only got hungry once, and I think that was because I was thinking about food.

More often than not, we eat out of habit and not because we’re hungry.

On day two, I wanted lunch. Or rather, I actually just craved that motion of putting food in my hand and then stuffing it in my mouth. That and I was kind of bored because I was working from home. You might be thinking, ‘okay fatty. knock yourself out’, but think about it – most of the time, we eat out of habit or convenience, or because we are bored, or just because it is noon, and not because we are actually stomaching-growling hungry. How often have you looked at the clock and said “oh, I didn’t even realize it was noon already, time for lunch”? Were you actually hungry or did you eat because you are trained to eat lunch at noon? We are conditioned to feed ourselves at said dictated meal times, and our bodies come to expect that act. I could have easily given in to eating, but realizing that I was halfway done with the cleanse, I told myself, “you can do it. now shut up, and keep going.”

Word to the wise, do not go on Pinterest when you are cleansing.  There are too many delicious recipes and you don’t need that distraction.


Even after brushing my teeth, my teeth felt really dirty, like they had a layer of grime on them and my gums were sore. I lost about 7 pounds but I fully expect the weight loss to balance out around 3-5 lbs once I return to consistently eating normal foods.  I learned more than what I lost. I realized that in order for you to achieve something, you have to want it. You have to have the will power to stick to it. You have to believe in yourself. Cleansing isn’t for the weaklings (it doesn’t taste like ice cream and candy) and it is not a quick-fix miracle diet. The key to a successful cleanse is the drive to stay focused, being committed and having the will power to succeed.

I am not a nutritionist. Please consult your doctor before beginning any major diet plan. I was not paid to write this review.  This is my own experience and views.

7 thoughts on “The truth behind a successful cleanse

  1. Juice cleanses kind of worry me. Mostly because I know I (usually) eat like shit and doing a full-on detox would FREAK MY BODY OUT and I would be miserable for the duration and probably beyond. I’d probably want to take all 3 days off of work and just hole up in my apartment wearing sweatpants and drink the juice and watch movies. Because I am a weakling who can’t handle being healthy. Apparently.

  2. I tried this cleanse from Peeled a few months back on a Groupon and I quit after a day because my stomach was in pain. The beet juice they gave me was one of the most vile disgusting things i’ve ever tasted. It looked like blood, smelled like grass and tasted like dirt. Never again.

  3. I’ve never tried a cleanse, mostly because I really like eating. I want to though, although I’d probably start small with nothing longer than a three day. Also, I’m afraid the juices will make me puke.

  4. I’m a huge fan of food, but I’ve tried a few cleanses, all of which ended with less-than-stellar results because I have a really hard time limiting my diet. (I know this sounds strange, but I normally eat relatively good/healthy foods. I just don’t like my options being taken from me when it comes to food and eating.)

    That being said, my husband and I did the GM Diet/Cleanse this year. It was tough, tough, tough, but we stuck to it and made it through.

      • It’s a week-long diet/cleanse where you eat fruit the first day, veggies the second day, fruit and veggies the third day, bananas and milk the fourth day, lean beef and tomatoes the fifth day, lean beef and veggies the sixth day and then veggies on the seventh day. … It was intense, but it offered a little more variety than a lot of others.

  5. I’m not a fan of cleanses since our bodies can really clean out all the toxins on its own… that’s a huge fad (no offense). But I’m very glad you took some lessons from this! Especially the fact that it is a lot about self-control and recognizing when you’re body is truly hungry, rather than simply eating out of bored or because you like the feeling of food in your mouth.

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