Wonders Of The Web Wednesday

Happy Hump Day! Since Wednesday is smack dab in the middle of the work week, people often need a pick me up to help them get through the rest of the week.  So here are a few links that I want to share with you.  Hope they make you smile too! 
  • Everything is Amazing and Nobody’s Happy: This is a clip from when Louis C.K. was a guest on Conan.  Our generation takes everything for granted and sometimes we need this reminder to step back and appreciate all that we have.
  • Trojan sex census – Interesting study done by Trojan.  Sidenote:  If Chicago is the “least satisfied” why are Boston’s and San Francisco’s percentage lower? Fact check?
And two of my favorite blogger posts this week:
  • The thing about girls by Terra.  She is a terrific writer and this is an honest post.  I relate to a lot of what she writes about.  If you don’t read her blog already, I suggest you check it out.
  • Life is Such a Weird Little Playground by Amber Just like Louis C.K. reminding us not to take things for granted, Amber reminds us that we are given only one body.  And while it can do so much, sometimes we just need to stop and blow bubbles occasionally.
*If you come across any coollinks you want to share with me, please do! Or if you want to participate in Wonders of the Web Wednesday on your own site please feel free but link back to me. Thanks and Enjoy!
** I am working on a new photo that is my own for this as well as a way to link up.

Author: Caryn

Hi! My name is Caryn. I'm a midwest transplant living on the east coast. I love games, asking questions, making lists, and sunshine. I dream of someday owning an antique car, starting my own charity, and traveling the world. Welcome to my Blog!

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