Being responsible sucks sometimes

Being a grownup officially sucks! Yea, that’s right. I’ve always considered myself a responsible practical and realistic person.  Usually I am the one who shares the voice of reason with friends. However, today that responsible person in me was challenged when I was faced with the cutest brown eyes that were almost impossible to say no to.

When Mr. Fiancé and I headed out for lunch, Paws Chicago was on our block with two of the most precious Black Lab/Terrier mix puppies.  Adorable just doesn’t begin to give justice to these two. All we know is that they are 13 weeks old and are expected to be about 30 lbs.  My family has always had non shedding little dogs and Mr. Fiancé’s family has a chocolate lab – aka huge and sheds like crazy. We have discussed dogs before and this Lab/Terrier is exactly what our compromise came to.


  • She is adorable with the cutest floppy ears.
  • We live on a dog friendly floor in a dog friendly building.
  • She is the perfect compromise to what we each are looking for.
  • I work really close to home and could come home for lunch daily to take care of her.
  • She is a perfect size.
  • She is a rescue and needs a home. So why not ours?
  • We live by a grassy park.
  • She had little tiny paws so she wouldn’t get very big.
  • She already has her shots.
  • It is a huge responsibility.
  • We live in a high-rise, so it is harder to train a dog.
  • We live in a high-rise, so it isn’t exactly fair to have a dog in an apt.
  • We have to train her.
  • It is a huge responsibility.
  • We’re getting married next year and dogs add a lot of expense.
  • It is like having a child, which I am not ready for yet.
  • It is a long-term commitment.
  • I like being a Doggie Aunt – caring for my parent’s dog for a bit and then returning him, but there is no passing off your own dog.
  • It is harder to travel.
  • You don’t have as much freedom or independence.

Sorry, I didn’t take a picture and the photo of her online just doesn’t do her justice. She was so much cuter in person.

Deep deep deep down, I know I am not ready to be responsible for a child dog 24/7.  It was really very difficult to be a grown up, walk away and say no. I know there will be other adorable dogs that need to be rescued and I’m just as confident that someone will rescue her. I hate being practical and realistic. I so badly want to be five again, stomp my feet and say “but I want her!” or call my mom and have her buy her, but I am realistic and I know the time isn’t right for us and that would be unfair to the puppy.

Damn, being an adult sucks.

Author: Caryn

Hi! My name is Caryn. I'm a midwest transplant living on the east coast. I love games, asking questions, making lists, and sunshine. I dream of someday owning an antique car, starting my own charity, and traveling the world. Welcome to my Blog!

11 thoughts on “Being responsible sucks sometimes”

  1. i know how you feel girl. my fiance bought me a cat 2 years ago knowing that i’ve always wanted one- but now that i’m trying to plan our wedding, looking for a house and the 239827 bills with grad school and other things it’s just an added expense to have her. granted i wouldn’t want to give her up but those vet bills can be a bit handful at times. wait til you’re reading 🙂 it’ll be worth it! xo

  2. I almost did the same thing recently, but it was a kitten. I know we are about to move across the world with a large dog in tow, so taking on another animal right now would be irresponsible. But man, she was cute.

  3. I hear you. You know how most women act around babies? That’s how I am around dogs. I want one sooo bad, but I also live in a high rise and am just not ready to be a fur-mama. One of these days … !

  4. My boyfriend suggested we get a dog when I move back and I told him no. We both want to go to grad school in the next few years, so with the kind of time and money commitment, there’s no way we could afford or find the time to take care of a dog. Pets are truly like having a child! They’re expensive and they need a lot of attention. 😛

  5. She is so cute! It’s so hard for me not to adopt all the animals that need homes that I come into contact with. I guess that’s why I’ve it two dogs and two cats. I just can’t help myself.

  6. Dogs are definitely a huge responsibility, but they are lovely responsibilities, when you’re ready. And one day you will be. And you will find the best little pup ever and you’ll love her to death.

    I go back and forth over adopting another dog after losing Cookie. We still have Demon, obviously, but I think my heart just isn’t 100% ready to bring another home. And that’s ok.

  7. I held out for as long as I could. 🙂 Yes, expensive, more work, lots of responsibility, but then we made some other compromises too – getting an older dog so we didn’t have to train her. We rescued from a group affiliated with a local doggie daycare/boarding facility, so when we do have to send her off to doggie daycare or to be boarded for the long weekend, we get a discount, and she gets a place she’s been to and actually loves the people there.

    For now, yes, she is super adorable, and someone else with all that she needs will come along and scoop her right up.

    The time will come later when the circumstances are right, and you are looking for that new addition to your family. 🙂

  8. Awww… I’m proud of you for resisting and being responsible. That is still an adorable pup. Maybe one day you’ll be more prepped to take on the responsibility of a pet. Heck, even a fish is too much responsibility for me (but that’s mostly because I hate cleaning their bowls).
    Still… sooo cute!
    Okay, sorry, I’m done.

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