Wonders of the Web Wednesday

The web is full of wonderful things just waiting to be discovered. Here are somethings I have come across that I want to share with you. 
  • Google recently released the first version of Google Wallet – an app that turns your phone into your wallet.  It stores virtual versions of a user’s payment cards and allows users to tap, pay and save with their phone.  The app is now available on a Sprint phone. ** Even though it is cool to think this technology exists, I personally think this is asking for identity fraud and will be keeping my personal wallet, thank you. Some places, you just need to use cash and I know I keep other things other than just payment methods in my wallet. **  On that note, Check out Google’s “first customer.”  Clever!
  • Breaking Up With Facebook by Abby at A Geek Tragedy.  She did it, she actually ended her relationship with Facebook.  Not only does she get you to consider ending your own relationship with Facebook, she will walk you through how too.
  • In Memoriam: Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple died on October 5, 2011.  While I did not know him personally, I, along with many others was deeply moved and motivated by his genius, inspirational words and innovations.   I want to share with you a wonderful post of his quotes that Elysa at GenPink put together in his memory: Words of Wisdom from Steve Jobs: “Don’t waste time living someone else’s life”

    *Please feel free to send me any links that you would like me to include in the next WOFWW feature. Or if you want to participate in Wonders of the Web Wednesday on your own site, feel free but please link back to me.  Thanks and Enjoy!



Author: Caryn

Hi! My name is Caryn. I'm a midwest transplant living on the east coast. I love games, asking questions, making lists, and sunshine. I dream of someday owning an antique car, starting my own charity, and traveling the world. Welcome to my Blog!

3 thoughts on “Wonders of the Web Wednesday”

  1. That “I love you” video is ridiculous… because we are all guilty of doing at least one of those things. Thanks for including me love! 🙂

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