… and we’re live! #ChiTownTweetup is up and running!

Some events in your life are meant to be pure fun and entertainment, others are meant to teach you a lesson. So, as many of you know, I attended Bloggers In Sin City last May and it changed my life.  I know we all say that, but I sincerely mean it! I not only met amazing people, had the time of my life and learned a lot about myself, but I also launched myself on a new life path. I didn’t fully realize it at the time but decisions I am making today are results of having pushed myself outside of my comfort zone last May. I am not the same person today as I was prior to landing in Vegas almost 12 months ago.  It is because of this event, I found a part of me that I was missing.

It is very easy to get sucked into your daily routine and stop meeting new people.  As I learned through BiSC, there are absolutely amazing and inspirational and interesting people out there.  I have met so many through this blog and through Twitter and I know there are so many more fascinating people to meet.  Honestly, it sounds cliché but I love meeting new people through the internet. Some of my best friends are friends I have met online in some way, shape or form. I also have always been a planner, a Type A person. One summer in college, I had an internship at a local event planning company.   Which leads me to the point of this post…

I am very (a thousand exclamation points) excited to announce Chitowntweetup.com – a website company I just started that is centered around planning & hosting Tweetup events for Chicagoans who want to take those relationships that they’ve made online through blogging and twitter and bring them offline! Chicago is filled with so many social media enthusiast and talented individuals and social networks are great and ‘social’ and all but through experiences like BiSC, I have realized that meeting up IRL is so much better!  Our goal is to bring social enthusiasts together to network and build a community both online and off through fun and exciting events.

The slogan is “Don’t be Shy Chi-town! Be Social! Meet up with ChiTownTweetup.

Please share the love and tell your friends who live in Chicago to check us out! Our first official event is on April 18th at Blue Line Lounge & Grill.

We will have $3 beer and $5 Martini specials AND A Tweet To Win Giveaway! Attendees must use our official hashtag #chitowntweetup and @BlueLineLounge in a tweet to win but must be present to win.

On the downside- the internet also has its creeps. So there are rules to ChiTownTweetup. Rule #1 – don’t talk about ChiTownTweetup. Just kidding! Do talk about it! Follow usLike us, spread the word and come to our events!

Seriously, here are the ‘rules’: Everyone is welcome to attend a ChiTownTweetup event as long as:

1. You MUST have an active blog OR active Twitter account.

2. You are currently residing in Chicago, hence the name…

4. You must be 21 or older.

5. If you are creepy or wanted (or should be wanted) by the police then please for everyone’s sanity and safety, please don’t come.

6. Be prepared to HAVE FUN and be social in real life.  I know socializing offline – what is that?

Thanks for sharing the love!  If you have any feedback, suggestions or ideas about ChiTownTweetup please send me a note! Thanks! 

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