The Best #Blackout Tweets from Super Bowl 47

The Ravens may have beat the 49ers but reading the blackout tweets was way more entertaining than the game. You’d think the most unusual thing about the game would have been that the coaches of both teams are brothers, but weirder things have happened, folks. This Super Bowl will be remembered mostly because of The Blackout.

For 37 minutes, the stadium went dark. Someone likely (unfortunately) got fired and thousands of people stared at their TV’s waiting for the game to resume. I seriously couldn’t help but wonder what people were doing if they weren’t following along as people live tweeted the blackout. They missed out on quality entertainment. It was so much more amusing than listening to the commentators attempt to pass the mic around in order to fill the silence. They had an entire 1st half to discuss and a halftime show but they found nothing to talk about. Way to go, CBS. I’ll give it to America, some people are really witty and funny. Here are some of my favorite Tweets that I saw:

9 months black out


Superbowl Blackout

Superbowl Blackout

Superbowl Blackout

Superbowl Blackout

Superbowl Blackout

Superbowl Blackout

Some of mine:

Blackout super bowl

Blackout super bowl

Superbowl Blackout

And the winner of the night: Oreos.
I applaud Oreos for a job well done. The best part about their (very simple and on the spot) tweet is that while other companies had spent millions on commercials, THIS is one of the best, if not the best ad of the night and it was free! And it was not even on TV. Way to own social media Oreo. Well done.
{What were some of the best tweets you saw during the blackout?}

Author: Caryn

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2 thoughts on “The Best #Blackout Tweets from Super Bowl 47”

  1. It was AMAZING. I just sat on the couch and giggled at all the hilarious tweets I kept seeing. I mean really, the jokes were so easy – it was right after the halftime show, in was in New Orleans, and it was so, so ridiculous.

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