Oh, Well There Goes May!

How is it already May?? Can you believe we’re almost at the half way mark of 2011? Crazy how fast time flies, and with all that I have going on in May, it will be December in the blink of an eye.

You know when you have nothing to do for days but then suddenly three events are scheduled for the same night? Gosh, I hate that. Luckily, as it turned out, most my events fell in May but fell on different weekends.  That NEVER happens. Hopefully this luck will continue while I’m in Vegas! First thing I need to do is get over this darn cough so I can enjoy all the things I have going on in May.

*I apologize in advance. I will likely not be blogging as frequently this month because of this busy schedule but I’ll do my best.

This weekend: Graduation
Mr. Boyfriend’s brother is graduating from our Alma Mater.  (Yay! Congrats!)  I went back to visit Mr. Boyfriend a couple times the semester after I graduated but I’m pretty sure that was the last time I was on campus. I first met his brother at his high school graduation and now he is graduating college. Has it really been four years already? Wow, where did the time go? I feel old. I am looking forward to spending time with his family, celebrating this milestone, and going back to the landmarks I have missed: Laughing Planet, Buffalo Louie’s, Nick’s English Hut, and Upland Brewery: (where we had our first date) Oh IU, here I come!!

On top of graduation this weekend, Sunday is Mother’s Day.  It worked out really well this year for us. We get to spend the morning with Mr. Boyfriend’s mom, then we drive back home and have dinner with my mom! That is what I call an awesome compromise.

Next weekend: I hear wedding bells! 
Back in 2009 Mr. Boyfriend and I took a spring cruise to celebrate the end of tax season.  We asked the Maitre d’ to put us at a table with other people (dinner mates can be entertaining, especially when you are traveling with just one other person). Turns out we got the lucky straw and met a fabulous couple who was our age, also from Chicago and celebrating the end of tax season.  Jackpot! We have remained good friends, hanging out occasionally. They are getting married next weekend and I couldn’t be happier for them! Cheers to you!

The following weekend: Sin City here I come!
I just started blogging in January of this year.  New Year, New Adventures & What Inspires You?  were my first posts and I haven’t looked back since. I had decided that I needed new challenges, hobbies, and of course new adventures. One of the adventures that blogging has introduced me to was Twitter, and with that I learned about Bloggers in Sin City (BiSC).  At first I didn’t think it was for me, since I am such a newbie but I got over that. I am usually shy until I get to know someone so signing up for this event in Vegas where I didn’t know ANYONE was totally out of my comfort zone. And while I was nervous about signing up and debated for a bit, it was also exciting and kind of a rush to sign up for something that pushed me beyond the usual. I have already been talking with some of the people, (Hi!) thanks to Twitter.  I am really looking forward to this. It will be great to finally meet fellow bloggers in person. EEKS! I can’t wait! Counting down the days? Nope. Not this girl. {Insert: huge guilty smile} I am pretty sure I found the dress I am going to wear for Black White and Gold Night.  For you BiSC’ers hereis a dress similar to the one I got. My dress isn’t on the website for whatever reason. Ah packing, don’t want to think about that yet!

As luck would have it this is also the same weekend as a friend’s bachelorette party, which I found out about after I already bought my BiSC tickets.  I am sorry I’ll miss your bachelorette party! Have so much fun!

June will be here before I know it. Slow down 2011!

P.S. By the way – I just came across this song Busy by Olly Murs and I love it! Check it out. It makes me smile and is super cute.

I’d love to hear how your May is going. Any fun plans coming up? 

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Love, Caryn