To drive & vlog or not to drive & vlog? That is the question: An Open Discussion

Have you ever been looked over at the person in the car next to you and were shocked at what you saw? Ever had to swerve out-of-the-way to avoid being hit because they weren’t paying attention? I have seen some wild things, all very hazardous to not only the guilty driver but to others on the road, too. I have seen people putting on makeup/mascara, shaving, eating, picking their nose knuckle deep (not so much dangerous as it is gross/funny to watch), texting, putting clothes on, listening to music with headphones on, driving drunk, picking stuff up from the back seat or off the floor, taking pictures, or reading an old-school large foldable paper map, (seriously, people still use those?) as well as reading printed Mapquest directions.  Call me old-fashioned, a worry wort, up tight, whatever you want, but it frustrates me to see people putting other people’s lives in jeopardy because of their poor judgement. There are somethings that should be done at home and not in the car.  I won’t lie and say my hands are always at 10 & 2 but I do realize the severity of distracted driving.

Earlier this week, a fellow blogger posted on a topic that I want to open up for a discussion with my readers. I would love to hear what your opinions are on the matter.  I met Nate St. Pierre back in August at the 20sb Bloggers Summit in Chicago.  He is one of those people who immediately draws you in because he is that inspiring.  (Side note: In case you don’t know him, he has a fabulously wonderful company called Love Bomb where each week someone, who is going through a rough time, for whatever the reason, is selected to receive message of love, encouragement, hope etc.  Every week he is making an impact on someone’s life. It really is a beautiful thing. So if you aren’t familiar with it, check it out!)  But I digress.

So naturally, I started following his blog after we met. Nate is a vlogger and has recorded some of his videos while stuck in traffic.  His commute is nearly 3 hours a day so I understand the concept of making the most out of your time.  However, something about vlogging while driving bothers me and got me thinking.  Just how many people do this?  He isn’t the first person to record himself while driving. I noticed it during VEDA too. I think it is reckless to drivlog. You are not completely focused on the road and your reaction time is slower, even if you are only going 10 mph because you are not fully focused.  Holding the camera in one hand and the wheel in the other is no easy task. But is it safe? Can you really react at your utmost potential if you are looking into the camera you are holding? I don’t think so. If I were to see someone drivlogging, it would upset me because they are more focused on their video than on their surroundings and fellow drivers.  Is it worth the risk? It only takes one time to be distracted and there are plenty distractions out there, we don’t need to increase that on our own. That one distraction could be the difference between getting in an accident (albeit serious or not) or getting home safe.

If someone fender-bendered me and I found out that they were drivlogging, even if they were only going 5 mphs, I would be pissed.  I am not calling Nate selfish, but I do think that drivlogging is. What is the legal stand on this? I am pretty sure that the video could be used in court, should it get that far. Even if it wasn’t actually the vloggers fault, could they be seen as guilty for negligent driving?

So when Nate vlogged asking his viewers  if he should be drivlogging,  I wanted to contribute my thoughts.   He said, “Lately my ridiculously long commute has driven me (ha, see what I did there?) to video blogging in traffic. Should I be doing this? Yes or no, tell me what you think…” 

Apparently, I was the only one who commented on his post saying that I didn’t think it was a good idea.  To my surprise, most people were very supportive of vlogging while driving.  Realizing I was the only one, I became curious to know what more people thought about this topic.  Below is our thread from his post.

That is where you come in.  What are your thoughts on drivlogging? Do you think it is okay to drivlog? Have you done it? Seen others do it? Does speed matter? Is it okay if you are in a gridlock? Does it make a difference if your camera is mounted so that you are hands free? What other kinds of crazy things have you seen while driving?

Please share your thoughts, regardless if you agree with me or not. All I ask is that you please be respectful of others opinions. Thanks.

I’m all verklempt: Talk amongst yourselves…

Let’s get this discussion going!

P.s. I should copyright that term: Drivlog.