365 Days

365 Days

Exactly one year from today on 10.14.12

I will be wearing white, walking down the aisle to marry this man

This man loves me unconditionally

This man makes me a better person, everyday

This man makes me happier than I ever imagined

This man showed me that my soul mate does exist

This man knows how to cheer me up and makes me laugh

This man proposes to me every morning before I put my ring on

This man is my personal teddy bear and gives the best hugs

This man believes in me, sometimes more than I believe in myself

This man loves football but is not afraid to be romantic and sensitive too

This man lets me unabashedly be myself and accepts and loves me as I am

This man kisses me every night before bed and every morning when we wake

This man is  helping me plan our wedding because he knows how much it means to me

This man wants to spend the rest of his life with ME

This man is my whole world

This man chose me

Because of this man I cannot wait to become Mrs.

I get to marry my best friend, this man

In 365 Days.