What exactly are you eating when you eat McDonald’s french fries?

Warning: watching this video may cause you to curse me for showing it to you and you may never want to touch McDonald’s french fries again. (You are welcome!)  So if you love the fries and want to continue eating them in peace, stop right here.  Personally, I have not had fries since I saw this video almost a year and a half ago. I’ve thought about it because they are delicious and the best around (for fast food places) but remembered this video and passed.

I have always believed in the “everything in moderation” theory.  I eat healthy, I watch what I eat, but I also let myself enjoy food. Brownies? Delish. Bacon? Bacon! Bacon! I drool… Grilled veggies? Yes, please. mmmm I’m hungry now… anyways, everything in moderation is my key to being happy and healthy. Life is too short to do anything but enjoy it so I try not to deny myself of anything, except for these fries.

How many of you have gone to McDonald’s craving chicken nuggets or a Quarter Pounder with cheese, large fries, and a drink? You know you really shouldn’t eat it, you know it is not good for you, and that you’ll feel guilty and likely gross afterwards, yet just like those dirty magazines in your closet, you just can’t help yourself because it is Just. That. Satisfying.

I generally try not to think about how my food is made or what goes into the food I am digesting.  Ignorance is bliss, right? After all, food is food, it all gets digested the same way. Simple, right? Wrong.

See, that’s when it gets disturbing. As you’ll see in this video, the experiment puts McDonald’s fries and various sandwiches in glass jars along with a freshly ground burger and fries from the local joint down the street.  The process is videotaped over the course of 10 weeks.

Watch this video and you might just thank me for doing your health and stomach a favor. The fries have an uncanny and disturbing ability to stay fresh…  indefinitely.

NOTHING SHOULD STAY FRESH INDEFINITELY.* Except honey. So what exactly are you eating when you eat McDonald’s fries? Granted, the way food breaks down in our stomach is not the same as the way it breaks down in a glass jar, but that isn’t the focus here. The point is that among all the items IN the jars, everything molded and decomposed except the fries. You can argue that fries are not the same as meat and bread and that’s why they didn’t decompose. But if that is the case, why did the local store’s fresh fries rot, and rot fast at that, while the McDonald’s fries remained unchanged? For 10 weeks!

This is blasphemy! This is sick and disgusting and gross and disturbing.  What exactly are they putting in these fries that preserves them so long? How are they so chemically processed and manufactured that they doesn’t decompose? Or even wilt?  More importantly, what are we putting into our bodies when we ingest this? What kind of chemicals and preservatives are we digesting? Are we giving ourselves and our children poison?  No wonder that the obesity rate in America is so high.

Also, I recently came across this photo on the internet. This is what chicken nuggets look like before they are nuggets.  Apparently, McDonald’s claims that they don’t do this, but regardless of that debate – it is nasty and makes me question chicken nuggets in general. Hello Morningstar! It looks like a snake mated with a flamingo after eating strawberry fro yo.

I’msorryI’mnotsorry if it grossed you out too.

*No one tried them to know if they were edible so when I say fresh, it is more in appearance as if they were fresh out of the box.