The ripple effect of our decisions

Life works in mysterious ways. The decisions we make have a ripple effect on everything that happens thereafter. When I called off my wedding in January, I knew that my life would never be the same and that I suddenly forced myself (and him too) in new and separate directions. I knew that my path immediately became one full of pain and sadness, of self-reflection and discovery, focusing on my dreams, one without my best friend and that somewhere down the road, likely years from now, we would hopefully both meet someone else to fill the hole I created. I knew the decision I made directly impacted both he and I and those who had to help lift us up, but didn’t realize how far the ripples of my decision would continue to flow.

When we make decisions, big or small, we have no idea in that moment, where the pieces will fall. At the time the decision is made, we cannot fathom the impact that it will have on us or those around us, or even those whom we have not yet met. We do not know what will be in the near or distant future. Sometimes the impact will be obvious and other times, we won’t have a clue. We think we have control, and in the moment we may, but in the end, we really don’t have control of it at all. What will be will be. The dominoes will fall where they are meant to fall and lives other than your own will be touched.

Had my wedding still happened as planned, I would never have deemed this The Year of Caryn, never would have started Tweetup For Change, would never have gone to Africa to pursue my dreams and would have already returned from my honeymoon. I’d be a wife. Instead, because of my decisions, so much is different. All because of a personal decision that I made back in January.

My new path has set in motion new possibilities and affected both my future and the future of those around me. I will meet someone someday whose path will cross with my new path.

Have you had any experiences like this where a decision you made had an unexpected impact on someone else?