A travel lesson in flexibility

On Thursday morning 9/20 was awoken by a phone call from the airline saying my flight on Friday had been cancelled. That got me up fast. The new flight they put me on had a 6 hour layover in Newark. Not a chance. No thank you. Not happening.  So I offered to take the last flight out that thursday night. Good thing I was mostly ready but still had a few things left to do. It was definitely a lesson in being prepared and willing to roll with the punches. Things happen and you have to be flexible.  It all happened so fast, it was so surreal.  My parents came down for lunch, we ran (literally) last min errands, went to dinner and headed to the airport.  The funny thing about this flight was that after I booked the friday flight, i had looked into changing it to leave Thursday so I could join nic for tea at kensington palace but it was $400+ to change it. So it was wild that the airline wound up saving me $400 and I got on the flight i wanted. I felt that this was really meant to be. I was meant to be on that flight. I said goodbye and I honestly got a little emotional. I couldn’t believe that after years of dreaming and months of planning, here I was, at the airport about to depart and make all of it a reality. Just writing that made me tear up a bit. It is all so surreal and exciting.

Once in London, I quickly realized my phone didn’t work. I had talked to verizon before I left and they gave me the wrong information.  So I attempted to meet up with Nic but sadly it didn’t work out.  I took a tour of Kensington Palace and explored London on my own a bit.  Getting yourself around via bus and train (tube) and walking in a foreign country is a very satisfying and proud moment.

Things in London I noticed.
The tube voice says: “mind the gap ” instead of “watch your step”. This is so much more polite and classy sounding. 

Lift is an elevator

People are friendly as hell. I haven’t met one person who wasn’t personable and helpful. Even at the airport!

Security at Heathrow- they didn’t even look at my passport and I didn’t have to take off my shoes.

It is expensive here.

People drive on the left and steering wheels are on the right. This makes wide turns seem uncomfortably strange.

My plane is boarding for Nairobi now. I am so excited! I’m still amazed this is all happening!