Random Tidbits About Caryn

Caryn is pronounced like Karen. Not Car-in.  Needs to always write things down/make lists. Loves to bake, learning to cook. Usually thinks about/occasionally tries to add her own creativity to baking, even though recipes usually need to be followed exactly.

Dreams of traveling the world and seeing all seven continents.  Loves traveling, even though she is terrified of plane turbulence. Studied abroad in Florence, Italy – Spring 2006. Childbirth is her all time biggest fear.

Believes laughter and being goofy is important.  Believes in karma and that people come into our lives for a reason. Believes we are shaped by our experiences and always have the choice to look at the positive side of a situation. Believes honesty is the best policy, finding the good in people and in situations, and treating everyone with respect regardless if they are a friend or foe.  Believes in equal rights for all.

Loves walking along the lakefront in the summer and attending summer festivals.  Has never died her hair. Loves games, trivia, movies, and music. Cannot sing to save her life.  Loves playing old school Nintendo, Super Mario Bro and Mario Kart (N64) but is not very good. Practices yoga as often as possible, which is usually once a week. Thinks about/attempts running sometimes. Loves her family and think family is über important.  Cody, the family dog is the funniest and most adorable dog in town. She is lucky to be in love with her best friend.

She is organized and insists on making the bed every morning.  If for some rare reason it was not made in the morning, it will be made before she crawls in for the night because she prefers a smooth, cool bed that doesn’t have sheets everywhere.

Was a vegetarian for a year and half, but now eats meat again. **(update, and now pretty much vegetarian again. Sporadically will eat meat only if it is GMO/antibiotic free.)  Would rather not take medicine like Advil if possible. Falls asleep within two minutes of her head hitting the pillow.

Loves her Mac, and her iPod Touch. Dreams of someday owning an antique car.  Loves pepperoni pizza (Lou Malnati’s is the best deep dish in Chicago!). Loves animals, fascinated by chimpanzees and monkeys. Dreams of the day she can go on an African safari.

Has seen the musical Rent four times & Wicked twice, and many other musicals.  James Taylor was her first concert ever and it was with her dad.  Went to overnight summer camp for eight years – since she was 9 years old. Is a big fan of Netflix. Has been an extra on a movie set with Matt Damon. Keanu Reeves shook her hand on the set of HardBall and said, “Pleasure to meet you.”

She is pro-environment. She doesn’t litter or let people spit gum out of her car window. She thinks we all need to play our part in saving our Ozone. If not for us, for our children.

Been inside a fortune cookie factory but now can’t look at fortune cookies the same way. Touched the Stanley Cup twice since the Blackhawks won in 2010. Her first kiss/an ex boyfriend is a professional hockey player. Is a White Sox and Blackhawks fan.  Also roots for the Texans.

Loves sushi. When she has hiccups, she will have them 3x that day, without fail. Can touch her tongue to her nose. In fact, it looks like she can pick her nose, but really it is just touching the outer rim.

*post design inspired by Doniree

Author: Caryn

Hi! My name is Caryn. I'm a midwest transplant living on the east coast. I love games, asking questions, making lists, and sunshine. I dream of someday owning an antique car, starting my own charity, and traveling the world. Welcome to my Blog!

10 thoughts on “Random Tidbits About Caryn”

    1. Thanks Brittney! That means a lot to me, I love your blog. And, I agree- I have noticed that we do have a lot in common – from our hippie genes and our love for animals. You have quiet the furbaby family!

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