I’m A Big Kid Now

Hi FRIENDS! READERS! AND FAMILY ( hi Mom & Dad!)  I am a big girl now! I have moved from Blogger to WordPress!

If you are reading this in a Reader – please click through to check it out.  Isn’t the picture in the header pretty? I took it while on a boat on Lake Michigan.

Welcome to my new and improved blog!

I cannot hear the title of this post without singing the Huggies jingle (circa 1993). Good luck not getting this one stuck in your head.


Random Tidbits About Caryn

Caryn is pronounced like Karen. Not Car-in.  Needs to always write things down/make lists. Loves to bake, learning to cook. Usually thinks about/occasionally tries to add her own creativity to baking, even though recipes usually need to be followed exactly.

Dreams of traveling the world and seeing all seven continents.  Loves traveling, even though she is terrified of plane turbulence. Studied abroad in Florence, Italy – Spring 2006. Childbirth is her all time biggest fear.

Believes laughter and being goofy is important.  Believes in karma and that people come into our lives for a reason. Believes we are shaped by our experiences and always have the choice to look at the positive side of a situation. Believes honesty is the best policy, finding the good in people and in situations, and treating everyone with respect regardless if they are a friend or foe.  Believes in equal rights for all.

Loves walking along the lakefront in the summer and attending summer festivals.  Has never died her hair. Loves games, trivia, movies, and music. Cannot sing to save her life.  Loves playing old school Nintendo, Super Mario Bro and Mario Kart (N64) but is not very good. Practices yoga as often as possible, which is usually once a week. Thinks about/attempts running sometimes. Loves her family and think family is über important.  Cody, the family dog is the funniest and most adorable dog in town. She is lucky to be in love with her best friend.

She is organized and insists on making the bed every morning.  If for some rare reason it was not made in the morning, it will be made before she crawls in for the night because she prefers a smooth, cool bed that doesn’t have sheets everywhere.

Was a vegetarian for a year and half, but now eats meat again. **(update, and now pretty much vegetarian again. Sporadically will eat meat only if it is GMO/antibiotic free.)  Would rather not take medicine like Advil if possible. Falls asleep within two minutes of her head hitting the pillow.

Loves her Mac, and her iPod Touch. Dreams of someday owning an antique car.  Loves pepperoni pizza (Lou Malnati’s is the best deep dish in Chicago!). Loves animals, fascinated by chimpanzees and monkeys. Dreams of the day she can go on an African safari.

Has seen the musical Rent four times & Wicked twice, and many other musicals.  James Taylor was her first concert ever and it was with her dad.  Went to overnight summer camp for eight years – since she was 9 years old. Is a big fan of Netflix. Has been an extra on a movie set with Matt Damon. Keanu Reeves shook her hand on the set of HardBall and said, “Pleasure to meet you.”

She is pro-environment. She doesn’t litter or let people spit gum out of her car window. She thinks we all need to play our part in saving our Ozone. If not for us, for our children.

Been inside a fortune cookie factory but now can’t look at fortune cookies the same way. Touched the Stanley Cup twice since the Blackhawks won in 2010. Her first kiss/an ex boyfriend is a professional hockey player. Is a White Sox and Blackhawks fan.  Also roots for the Texans.

Loves sushi. When she has hiccups, she will have them 3x that day, without fail. Can touch her tongue to her nose. In fact, it looks like she can pick her nose, but really it is just touching the outer rim.

*post design inspired by Doniree

Wacky Wednesdays

Happy Hump Day! Since Wednesday is smack dab in the middle of the week, people often are simultaneously optimistic that the weekend is almost here while also being down that there are still two full more days left to go.  I’ve noticed people need a pick-me-up on Wednesday’s, so here are a few links that made me smile this week.  Hope they make you smile too!

Apparently I have been watching a lot of animal videos this week!  Have you seen anything this week that made you smile? Care to share?

Love, Caryn

Twenty Six

           Source: photographyismyescape.tumblr.com via Nathalie on Pinterest


Today is Mr Boyfriend’s birthday. He turns 26 so here are 26 reasons why I love him and why I am lucky to call him my boyfriend. In no particular order:

  • He is super thoughtful and sweet!  He sends me e-cards when I’m down or just need a pick-me-up to brighten my day. He sends me flowers at work just to say I love you or to say congratulations for getting a promotion. He even picks up dinner for me when I am sick. 
  • He is generous and has an extremely big heart.  He occasionally surprises me with gifts, doesn’t always make me pay for meals and still takes me out on dates. 
  • He is loyal and makes me happy. 
  • He is honest. Without the slightest doubt in my mind, I know he honors our honesty policy. I know we can trust each other to no end. I can count on him for the truth and for guidance.
  • He cheers me up when I am down. 
  • He does not get jealous when I am talking to other friends, even when they are guys.
  • He is not afraid to hold my purse in public if I need a helping hand.
  • He unconditionally supports and respects me. 
  • He admits when he is wrong and apologizes, even if it takes him a night to sleep on it. And on the other side, he is forgiving.
  • We never go to bed without saying I love you.
  • He deals with all my baggage. Enough said. 
  • He has a really cute tush.
  • He inspires me to be a better person.  
  • He tells me I look beautiful. (Even when my weight fluctuates or I wake up with a lion’s mane).
  • He is genuinely a kind thoughtful and caring person.  
  • He knows how to grill and he is a great cook.
  • We can look at each other and without a word gauge how the other is feeling. 
  • He has good family values that match mine. He even calls his parents and grandparents frequently. On that note, he treats my family and family friends with utmost respect as if they were his own, even if he has never met them before. 
  • He treats me really well and makes me feel special like a princess. 
  • I know without a doubt he will always be faithful.
  • He holds my hand and is not afraid to show his love for me in public and not in the nasty PDA way. 
  • He doesn’t mind going shopping with me, as long as we eat first.
  • He is himself around me and doesn’t put on an act. He is not afraid to show me his emotional side either.
  • He is really smart and is very financially responsible. He passed his CPA on the first try!
  • He has healthy and clean habits and he doesn’t smoke.
  • He knows a clean apartment is key in order to keep my sanity, so he is trying to pick up after himself. He has improved drastically over the years!
   27. HE (unconditionally) LOVES ME FOR ME.

For his gift, I got him tickets to a Soundgarden concert and a private golf lesson.  Because neither are tangible gifts that he could open, I made these gifts on says-it.com.  The site has some very creative customizable do-it yourself signs.  I then printed and laminated them so he had something to open.  How cute are these?! And they were free! 

Happy Birthday Mr. Boyfriend! I am honored to have you in my life and am grateful that I am able to call you mine. You have enriched my life in so many ways. You are a true gem. I hope we have many many future birthdays to celebrate together.

Here is my favorite birthday song, just for you.  Happy Birthday!

I love you!

Love, Caryn

What I Learned in Vegas at Bloggers in Sin City

I can’t stop thinking about Vegas. I only posted once last week after my initial Vegas post because I couldn’t get myself to think about anything other than #BiSC. Between my own reflections and reading other peoples recaps, I have come to realize I learned a lot in just a few days.  

{photo credit: Terra right?)
Without further adieu here is- What I learned in Vegas:
  • I loved blogging before, but actually putting faces to the blogs and hashtags reminded me that there is more to blogging than just writing your thoughts online and getting the occasional comment. It is more than just an Internet hobby. Meeting IRL at events like BiSC creates life long bonds that are irreplaceable and priceless.
  • Don’t judge a book by its cover. Or in this case, don’t judge people by their tweets/avatars/occupations/registration page etc.
  • Don’t let your inner dialogue stop you from having a good time. There is nothing holding you back but yourself.
  • Clubs that have an outdoor patio, music playing under the clear starry night, with free table service while surrounded by people who don’t care if I dance like a fool, that I can do.
  • It is worth doing that challenging thing you are worrying about. Just because it is unknown, does not mean it is wrong or bad.
  • When meeting people, especially those who have name tags, whether it is hotel staff, waiters or peers, use their first name. They will appreciate it and probably reciprocate the kindness.
  • Twitter is actually a great cool for communication. Whether you are scattered across the country or sitting at the same table planning what to do next.
  • I must make blogger business cards for my next event.  It is pure genius.
  • If you don’t allow yourself to try new things, you will never know what you are capable of or what is possible.
  • Companies will sponsor bloggers. Thanks again to all our sponsors.
  • Challenge yourself beyond your comfort level. If you don’t take risks, there will be no rewards. Take chances and risks.
  • Birds don’t have sex like humans do. They just have to touch their cloacae and Bam! She is impregnated!
  • If you put your cell phone in a glass vase, it amplifies the sound a bit. (c/o Terra)
  • People on tight ropes, high chairs and roller skates (at Absinthe) have super-human strength.
  • Hotels that don’t have a TV in the bathroom mirror just aren’t luxurious enough now. Yes, the Go Rooms at the Flamingo Hotel spoiled me.
  • Teaching Tiffany to play blackjack was a fun but bad idea.
  • West Virginia has some hilarious and bizarre children’s songs. Watch Terra dance to Sneaky Snake.  (Sorry it is hard to hear but if you listen closely you can hear it. I am working on making this louder – so check back!!)
  • Friends should make you feel alive and happy.  We need to focus on spending more time with those who make us smile and laugh so hard we cry and less time with those who make us feel pressured to impress them.
  • I am not a phone person but I need to try to make the phone my friend to keep up all relationships and bonds that were created in Vegas. I’m looking at you fellow BiSC-uits. Will you try to help me here?
  • Fun is what you make it.
  • New things make us feel anxious and scared at first, but if we put ourselves out there, we are left with something invaluable, our lives enriched.
  • We all have choices to make and sometimes they are not easy to face. But every decision leads us on a path and carves out our future. It is our choice to have fun and try new things OR stay with the familiar and comfortable and thus never grow. Choose to challenge yourself.
  • Sometimes we just need to take that leap of faith.  Life is too short to have regrets.
  • We are all goofy and weird. Life is weird. The Internet can be weird. But when you find others who are your kind of weird, a connection is born that justifies it all.
  • The Internet is real.
  • We all take ourselves too seriously. Laughter is the best medicine. Surround yourself with others who laugh with you. 
  • Everyone feels left out of social situations from time to time.  We feel invisible and as if we don’t matter.  We question if our friends truly ‘get us.’ We have all been there where we think a dinner was organized without us or we were invited as a second thought.  We feel that the only way to be included is to invite ourselves. The truth is, you do matter and you are not alone in feeling this way. There are people out there that care about you. This group at #BiSC in particular was (naturally) very good about trying to make sure everyone was included. In fact, if you asked if you saw something people planned on twitter and wanted to join, the usual response was “the more the merrier.”
  • Sprayology makes a spray that is the cure to all hangovers. It tastes bitter for .02 seconds but the headache is gone instantly!
(photo credit: Jayme)
  • If you look up to someone or have a hero TELL him/her. It will make their day (as long as they’re not an A list celebrity, then they know already.) While you will probably feel nervous about going up to them, it is worth it. Who knows, maybe a friendship will blossom. Have no regrets.
  • Do not be afraid to do what you want to do. I felt judged when I told people I was going to BiSC but I had the time of my life.
  • It is possible to meet someone and instantly feel as if you have known them   your entire life. I call this friend-love at first sight.
  • If it were easy, wouldn’t everyone do it?
  • Even if it is for a Tweet-To-Win contest, remember you have followers who will see it. In this digital age, anything might appear on YouTube or become public gossip.
  • People will come together to support and celebrate others, even when they barely know each other. I believe most people are good people.
  • We are all nervous about making a bad first impression. People are out there that will like you for who you are.  Be yourself!!
  • Canada doesn’t have Target. This is baffling, I know.
  • Will.i.am is not worth the pins and needles in my feet. On that note, next year I’m bringing more flats.
  • Don’t wait until last minute to try to get tickets to Billboard Music Awards. It does sell out.
  • It is actually really hard to be a stripper. The poles get slippery (from your hands/sweat) and you have to have ab strength and a lot of coordination!
  • Don’t worry about what will be in the future. Just enjoy the present. As Baz Luhrmann says in his song, Sunscreen, “Don’t worry about the future; or worry, but know that worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubblegum.”

Holy bloggers, Batman! I learned a lot in just a few days and I’m sure I didn’t even include everything.  I know sometimes it is easier said than done. But in the end, you should be able to look back and have no regrets.  Going to Vegas and taking that chance was one of the best decisions I have made.  Thanks to everyone who went for making the weekend so memorable.

What did you learn in Vegas? Care to share and add to my list?

Love, Caryn