All the goodies you never knew you wanted to know. Random tidbits about Caryn Pt 2

Caryn is grateful and thinks we all should be thankful for what we have. Thinks we should stop and breathe and enjoy the beauty of the world more often. Believes life is too short, so live it while you can and eat everything in moderation; except for dry chicken, she hates that. Wants to surround herself with positive people. Thinks you should respect your body and knees now because you’ll miss them when they are gone.

She has 75 pending posts and ideas in her wordpress draft box and more on her iPhone but still finds herself at a loss for what to write sometimes. Prefers to edit on a printed-paper copy rather than on the computer, but doesn’t have a working printer at home. Dependent on her daily planner that she carries around in her purse. None of this electronic shit, that doesn’t work for her. She must make lists and write everything down. She prefers real books to Kindles – in life and in the classroom, except when traveling. Strong believer in writing snail-mail thank you notes, you know the kind that you have to send through the post office, not via email. Apparently very old-school when it comes to anything paper-related.

Thinks technology is actually making us more stupid and less independent. She has a love/hate relationship with the Internet. (See: one of the many pending drafts) Thinks things like the Real Housewives, Jersey Shore, autocorrect, Twilight, and being heavily reliant on technology is collectively lowering the average IQ of Americans. Realizes this is a much bigger topic than this post allows. She’s flabbergasted by how little respect kids have for their elders & authority and how spoiled and entitled this millennial generation has become. Thinks it is important to have an opinion but it is just as important to be open-minded.

Cannot have her voicemail light flashing or leave messages unheard. She is a socially awkward extrovert or an outgoing introvert. She tends to remember people, but they don’t remember her. Does not need to drink to have a good time. Always makes friends with the neighbors. Caryn recently became the founder of Tweetup For Change. She believes that we can use social media for social change and to make a difference.

While others are out celebrating the warmer than usual winters and the hot summers, she is concerned about what this means in terms of long term effects for mother nature. Thinks people today are selfish and ruining the environment for our children.

Believes in setting goals, following your gut, putting vibes into the universe and karma. Believes dreams can come true, you make your own happiness and that amazing things are possible. Realistic. Believes in finding the positive in situations and learning from every situation. Doesn’t believe in regrets, but rather in learning from our past. Curious. Asks questions, a lot. Optimistic. Wants to see and explore everything possible. Likes that she defies many stereotypes.

Caryn is blunt and honest. Hates math and things being left unresolved. Gets annoyed when people don’t respond to emails or phone calls in a timely manner. Her personal response theory is: 24 hours for work or 7 days for personal; or at least an acknowledgment of receipt and expected follow-up if that can’t be met. Values respect and honesty.

Does not understand the Ermahgerd meme. Is entertained by all the Call Me Maybe parodies but is getting tired of the song yet still sings along. Tone deaf. Could watch the olympics just to see the swimmers’ abs after a race.  Thinks Ryan Lochte is better when he doesn’t talk. #jeah.

Has yet to try a red-velvet-anything that is worth all the hype.  Likes simple desserts like cookies and brownies, thinks cruise ships try too hard. Peanut butter M&M’s, soft gummy bears, and Tootsie rolls are her candy kryptonite. Loves cheese but is a lactard.

She likes to think she is on time but if she is being honest, she’ll usually get there 5 min late. Ever since Caryn was a little girl, she always dreamt of starting her own charity and volunteering abroad, two things she is actually accomplishing during The Year of Caryn!  Cannot wait until she leaves for Tanzania, soon!

Despite flying all her life, she is still mesmerized by the idea that we can sit in heavy metal tubular machinery and fly through the sky to any where in the world in a couple of hours, no less.  She’s not usually superstitious but without fail, every time she boards a plane, she kisses her fingertips and touches the right exterior side of the plane before she boards. Hates turbulence. Tries not to take things for granted.

Caryn thinks spearmint smells like cigarette smoke, probably smell by association from smokers covering up their horrible smell with gum. She never has nor will ever smoke a cigarette. She sweats when she travels (by car or plane). She changes deodorant brand frequently. Always paranoid about not smelling fresh enough. She hates the smell of coffee. Hates flannel sheets. Even in the winter, she’ll sleep with the window open and fan on.

She says too much. She needs a filter.

Past Random Tidbits Part 1

Author: Caryn

Hi! My name is Caryn. I'm a midwest transplant living on the east coast. I love games, asking questions, making lists, and sunshine. I dream of someday owning an antique car, starting my own charity, and traveling the world. Welcome to my Blog!

11 thoughts on “All the goodies you never knew you wanted to know. Random tidbits about Caryn Pt 2”

  1. I read this and went back and checked part one and you are totally missing some of the most obvious Caryn tidbits from my perspective. Of course maybe they are so obvious, that they are not to be deemed random, you know, like, THE KINDEST PERSON EVER, and stunningly beautiful.

    I don’t get flannel sheets either….though I imagine that they might make a bit of sense in a Midwest winter. 😀

    1. Awww, TJ. I don’t know what to say. Thank you! That means so much to me. And no, even in a Midwest winter- I don’t think flannel sheets are necessary. I sleep with the fan on and windows open. ha! I’m weird.

  2. I love snail mail too. Which reminds me, I totally had something I was going to mail you, like, way back right after BiSC. OMG WHAT DID I DO WITH IT. MUST SEND MUST SEND.

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